Friday, July 15, 2011


this kid has a slight obsession with driving things...pretending of course. When we walk out into our garage and i want to go play on the grass or something, he turns right around and heads straight for the lawn mower. He really just likes to turn the knobs on it. He does the same with our car, when we are bored in the house, we can go spend a good 20 minutes or so sitting in the car, listening to the radio, which preston LOVES to experiment with varying volumes...and push all other buttons in sight. easy entertainment if ya ask me.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Reunion

We had our annual Garrard Family Reunion over this last weekend, and as usual it did not disappoint, i however, did on my picture taking. hopefully i can snag some of someone else s when they post them. You will notice our fun family shirts, we sported these on the last day when all we did was take naps, and play lots of out door games...hence the sick hair and no makeup and sunburned nose. not too attractive, but i didn't care. Preston was having a fabulous time running around with all the cousins...he just wanted to keep up so badly. He's cute. I do however think he is going through a bit of stranger-anxiety...or maybe it is just that he missed his parents since we hadn't seen him the 4 days prior to our family reunion. you'll notice he got a darling little haircut, which although he is adorable, I haven't decided if i like because he looks like a big boy now. he is 11 months old today!!! i really do love my family, and am so grateful for all the memories i have with them. Everytime i leave any Garrard Family function, i always tell Chase that that is how i want my family to be when we are can just tell that there is no one else they would rather be with, and we always have so much fun together. already marking my calendar out for next year's reunion. hope you all had a happy fourth too!