Friday, November 28, 2008

lots of good things.....

I have so many things to be thankful for. And i am grateful for a season that makes me realize all the blessings that i have. I've been home at my parents house since Tuesday, and i love being home. The only bummer is that my sweet husband had to work this week, yes, even on Thanksgiving....i am missin him. So most of all right now i am so Thankful for a good, hard working husband, who does so much for me, and works so hard for us. He is Great.

We've been busy here @ home. But we've been having fun. So i am posting A LOT of pictures, because i am no good at choosing favorites. enjoy.

On Tuesday When i got home, my dad, kell, lis, and i....went and watched my little sisters basketball games. Rachel is the star on her 7th grade team, but we didn't get to stay and watch long because we had to hurry to Buhl and watch Syd play....where she also did amazing. I miss high school sports, but it was fun to watch her play.

The next day, lis and i helped my mom make pies...My mom is the designated pie maker for Thanksgiving day, and seriously she is amazing. chocolate cream, banana cream, coconut cream, apple, cherry, pumpkin, pumpkin roll...i don't even know if that is all of them, but she's good.
although, homemade pie crusts are a royal pain in the mom says the only time all year long when she swears is when she makes pie crusts. I didn't hear her slip this year, but seriously, i'll stick with the store boughten version.

After we were done makin a few pies, we headed to the movies to check out Twilight...which was amazing. The only complaint i would have is that it went way too fast. But i was happy with the outcome. Of course it is never as good as the book, but still such a good movie.


So every Thanksgiving morning there is a 5k in town called the Turkey Trot, and we've never participated in it, but decided to this year. It was so much fun. Lis pushed my cousin Madi, and the rest of us ran it. It was slightly chilly,but not bad. Everyone did so good. I ran it in 24 min. which i felt pretty darn happy about being that i haven't ran for like 3 months. It was a great way to start the Thanksgiving morning, especially by burning a couple extra calories so we could make room for thanksgiving dinner and pie later on.

I seriously love thanksgiving. I love everything about it. This year we went to my Grandma Garrards house. My aunt Jill and Melissa made these cute table favors. Everyone filled out the 1,2,3 cards with three things they were thankful for, then we put them together on rings, and made my grandparents a little "thankful book"...i thought this was such a cute idea, and it was so fun to see all the many different things everyone was thankful for.

can you tell which one is pregnant? not mckell....but after a big dinner she can fool you. i think its rather disgusting that she can do this, but also quite comical.

After dinner, the girls sit around and plan out "Black Friday"

Here is one of the twins, but quite honestly, i have no idea which one. He sure is cute though.

Lis and i holding the twins....dacx and dane.

Yes, this is the clock as we were pullin out of our driveway., 2:48 a.m. Call us Crazy, because we are. But it is so fun. people get so intense. Last year we got yelled out several times, but i think we made it through pretty clean today. got what we wanted and more. and then i came home and took a 5 hour nap....that felt good.

And welcome to Wal-Mart in Burley, ID. Kell and I had really great positioning. but it was a mad dash.

Kell decided to pierce her ears. the rest of us girls got ours done when we were 12, but kell wasn't quite ready for that then....but today she was.

And here is the car full of all our prizes from Black Friday.
2:45 a.m.-9:30 a.m......that sure does make for a long day. but a good one.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

this is us...

The Scott Webb Family.

we are complete (with one on the way)
we are blessed.
we look good. (i think anyway)
we love being together.
we laugh with each other.
we have fun.
we are one seriously HAPPY family.

*please excuse the glares and quality of these pics...we didn't get the release for copyright of them, so i took pics of the pics so you could see. it'll have to do.