Monday, October 31, 2011

28 weeks...

and there you have belly @ 28 weeks! this pregnancy continues to fly by super-duper fast, and smoothly!! i honestly feel weird saying it, but besides the growing belly and sweet little kicks....i pretty much don't feel pregnant. i am however, assured that there will be some hiccup along the way at some point. It can't be this smooth/easy. I did fail my 26 week glucose test a few weeks ago, so i had to go in for the long & dreaded test that i am all too familiar with from last pregnancy...but thankfully i passed. I was pretty pesimistic about it since i had failed with preston and @ week 26, but so so happy to have passed this time around. finger pricking=yuck!

So, now i need some advice. i am pretty dang nervous to bring a brand new little babe home to a wild little 18 month old....I know he will probably not care or even know what is going on, but is there any suggestions out there on how to make the transition easier for preston, or how i can try to prepare him in even the slightest bit now before her arrival? I am well aware that it will be a lot of trial and error, and jealousy in our household for a while, but if there is anything any of you have experienced that may help me out to ease this transistion, do share please!!

2nd question: do i move preston from his crib into a big-boy bed pre-baby or post-baby? I don't want to keep baby girl in a bassinet next to my bed for very long (preston lasted about 2 weeks), but i don't want it to be traumatic for preston either to be giving his bed up? so do i buy another crib or go for the toddler bed?

oh yeah, happy halloween. i'm sure my halloween post will follow later this week, or next at the rate i have with updating my blog.

Monday, October 24, 2011

a simple day...

today has been filled with a whole lot of nothing. every now and again i enjoy these kind of days.

*Preston woke up in just the nick of time to make it to exercise class, which on most days is a struggle trying to get through because of the fact that Preston sees his Grandma at the front of class teaching and he can't quite understand why he can't run to the front of class to play with Grandma like he usually does. today a fellow-exerciser had a headache so she volunteered to watch the busy boy while i worked out.

*The rest of the day has been spent wasting much too much time on pinterest (as usual), searching for the perfect fall boot, thinking of yummy fall recipes to create, and writing up my fall to-do list instead of accomplishing any of it.

*All the while sneaking in some great cuddle time from Preston who is working on 3 big-ol molars popping in, they must be bothering him because he doens't snuggle just for fun. and while its sad he's hurting, i'll enjoy the sweetness of his head resting on my shoulder.

*I keep walking past the mirror and noticing a belly has finally/definetely emerged. i still feel like i'm in the "fat-stage"...but thankful to see a belly popping out. As of yesterday i entered into my third trimester...which gives me a feeling of nervousness and excitment. we have a lot of baby-prep to do with preston.

*i'll leave you with a few pictures we quickly snapped at our fun community pumpkin walk this weekend. I love fall!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my big boy

isn't he sweet? and grown up?

I told you so....once we found out we were having another little babe Preston decided that he better grow up quickly, and he is succeeding. Most days i love that he is turning into my little boy, but others i miss my baby. One thing i know for sure, is that i like him!!

Decided to write down some of my favorite things preston is currently doing for my memories sake:
-When he wants to sit on my lap, no matter how far apart in a room we are, Preston will turn around and walk backwards until his little bum finds my lap to sit on.

- His LOVE for the game of peek-a-boo. brings an instant smile to his face

- When he knows i am about to lay him down for a nap, he hurries and lays his head on my shoulder to snuggle. he must know i love his snuggles, and of course, i resist laying him down just to enjoy 10 seconds worth of a cuddle.

- How he loves to slam dunk the basketball on his little hoop. He's pretty good too.

- He brings me books to read to him all day long, but he NEVER sits still long enough to get past the 2nd page.

-The way he is beginning to understand. It amazes me. I can tell him to get his shoes and socks and he will then he'll sit on his bum so i can put them on. When i tell him that we are going to go outside, or change his diaper, or get in the tubby...He runs right to the location and waits for me. so cute.

-Beginning to say more words. I have heard him say many before but he's not so consistent yet: but ones that he can say are mama, dada, kitty, cow, down, duck and ball. Although he is not good at saying them on command, just when he wants to.

-He blows sweet kisses, and continues to give an abundance of kisses (especially to me)

- i weighed him yesterday just on our scale and he weighed in at 27 lbs (with his clothes on). but still, he's a chunker.
We continue to feel blessed and lucky to have this little guy in our lives.
and i doubt that feeling will ever change.

Baby Jane

My sis Melissa had this sweet, adorable & perfect little girl yesterday.

Her name is Jane.

There is just something about new babies that make my heart melt.

i like her alot. time to go snuggle her.

congrats Trae, Lis & big sis Avery!!!