Saturday, September 18, 2010

we're alive...

I think most can agree with me that it is about time i post some pictures of my little preston man, since he is now 6 weeks old. I've just been so happily consumed with him that i haven't and i'm sorry. Preston is growing growing, weighing in somewhere around 12 lbs. give or take. He is a great eater, decent sleeper, and loves loves loves to cuddle (he gets that from his daddy)...he's adorable in every way and we love him.

A few weeks ago Lis and Ave flew in for a visit and we have been having a fabulous time with them. Avery is darling and acting so grown up, she loves preston (even tho it looks like she is choking him to death in one picture below)...She loves his bottles, binki's and blankets and loves to suck on them, which is weird since she would never take one herself as a baby. We have been busy busy since they got here, and i have spent a lot of time at my mom's house while chase is gone working. We've been to Logan to celebrate Spencer's birthday, hang out with kell, meet little violet (who is so so precious and sweet), and out to lunch with our friend Michelle. We've also been to lots of volleyball games and Preston does fantastic at them (i knew i needed to break him in early because there will be many many ball games in his future). My sisters and mom threw me a baby shower yesterday and Preston got lots of fun things....Lis made the cute cake stands and cake balls. Preston has got lots of snuggle time with his Grandma and Grandpa....It will be a sad day next week when lis and ave head back to brazil but it has been so fun having them here....
I continue to find myself completely smitten with my babe, and he just makes me so happy!

(sorry about the picture overload, but enjoy)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


hi. yeah, its been a while, i am aware. my little man is almost 5 weeks old...thats sick. can't he just slow down and be little for just a while longer. i am so in love with the little guy, and i just find myself loving on him everyday, therefore the blog has been entirely neglected.

preston is such a champ...he's very content and happy and the only time he fusses is if he has gas or is hungry or tired. everyday when chase gets home from work (and especially if he's been gone overnight) he sneaks in prestons room and peaks at him and always comes out and says "doesn't he just melt your heart everytime you look at him?" to which i always reply "yes". he really does though.

I have lots of pictures of the little boy, but they are on my camera whuch is left at home. so i'll leave you with a few from a recent photo shoot (when he was 2 weeks old).