Monday, September 26, 2011

crash, bang, boom!

yuck!!! looking at these pictures makes me literally sick. this last thursday i was headed up to my in-laws house to see chase and take him some stuff that he had forgotten at home and needed for work. I really didn't want to go anywhere that day because i feel like i have been gone so much....and i just wanted to stay home for a night, but when chase needed something, i decided to go. I drive the gravel road to my in-laws house quite often and although that doesn't make me like it more, i am not as scared driing on it as i used to be. We have had several problems with our tires on our Commander so i usually try to drive slow anyways to avoid any problems. This day was no different, infact, i was driving much slower than normal because Preston had just fallen asleep as i was driving up there and i wanted him to have a longer nap, so i was driving at a steady 20 mph. I could see a truck coming down the road in the opposite direction due to his cloud of dust that he was stirring up while driving, so i stayed clear on my side of the road and we passed each other, only to quickly see another truck following him way too closely in my opinion and not on his side of the road, and i did all i could to slow down more and pulled off as much as i could but it was too late, and he hit me head on!!!
I have never been in any sort of an accident before so i was quite shaken up and scared with the whole situation. When we hit, my airbags went off and then all i could hear was fluid rushing out of my car and that just made me real nervous, so i got out of our car, which my door was jammed slightly, and rushed around to get poor preston who was just scared with what had just happened. Thankfully he was asleep until the crash and then he woke up to the boom....It took him a while to calm down, i'm sure partly due to my level of emotion at the moment. Once i realized we were both ok, i told the other man involved (who was also ok) that i just needed to walk. so i took off down the road, mostly because i had no cell signal where the wreck occured. So i walked about 300 yards down the road till i could get any sort of signal, and even then it was touch and go...I got a call out to my mother in law, who was in Idaho Falls, and had her call someone to let them know what had happened. the biggest thing on my mind at this point was little princess inside my belly....and while i felt that everything was ok, i was really nervous and scared. It literally took an hour and 15 minutes from when the wreck happend for the cops to show up, thankfully there were no serious injuries or we would have been in trouble waiting and waiting up there. The officer wouldn't issue any citation because he said that there were no lines on the gravel road and no witnesses so its hard to tell where the collision occured. Plus the other man had moved his vehicle off the road from where the wreck happened so cars could get through, so therefore they couldn't tell exactly where the wreck took place. i am quite upset about this, because i feel so confindent that it was not my fault at all and he should have been issued a citation, but i guess we will deal with the card we're dealt.

Anyways, to wrap it up, car is totalled...still waiting on all the insurance business to go through. But Baby Girl, Preston and I are ok. I have been sore for the past few days, and i don't enjoy getting behind the wheel yet. Certainly won't be driving up on the gravel roads for a few days. but i feel blessed and lucky to be ok

Saturday, September 17, 2011


we are so excited to be having a little girl!!! i am totally shocked. Chase was sure all along that it was a girl, so much so that when i was like 9 weeks along he started praying for our baby girl. I thought it was for sure a boy. But nonetheless, we are thrilled. When we went in for our ultrasound, i just had the tech put the gender in an envelope and we were getting together later that day for lunch with family and thought we'd open it up together. My sister in law Lauren ordered cupcakes, half "its a boy" half "its a girl"...and right before we opened the envelope we passed around the cupcakes and everyone chose whether they thought it was a boy or a girl. Lauren and Chase were the only two who chose girl i'm not the only one who thought boy! I love the tiny bit of my mother in law Kathy that you can see in this picture below, she really thought boy....look how suprised she looks. Oh dear, we are so happy, and i am now starting to feel slightly overwhelmed with all the girl stuff out there, and it is confirmed that boys and SOOO much easier to prepare for. I just this week came out and said that i am ready for two, or maybe not so much ready, but excited and think it will be good for preston to have a little sister.

This pregnancy continues to be the easiest thing on earth (knock on wood)....still no symptoms, I'll be the first to admit that it is weird to feel this way, but i certainly won't complain. Hopefully little angel face isn't being nice now so that she can act up later. due date did however get pushed back a bit, which i've been expecting since i've been measuring small, so she'll make her arrival sometime in the end of january. I'll take all the time i can get. I need to do some major training with big brother.

the day of our ultrasound, Preston literally woke up from his nap looking like a big boy, and not my baby anymore. Its sad a little bit. But again, very exciting.