Friday, January 28, 2011

thanks grandma and grandpa....

for building such a beautiful new house
and for putting an awesome swimming pool inside so i can learn to swim.
you're the best!

love, preston
he really does love to swim! and its so cute watching learn to kick and splash.
Chase and my FIL are out of town so Presto and I headed up to stay with grandma for the week.
isn't the pool gorgeous? we're kinda lucky.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


daddy was in charge of dinner.

in his defense, it really is hard to get food in a
mouth that shakes back and forth
because we can't get it in fast enough.

Friday, January 14, 2011

abs like that.....

i find it strange that i envy my little boys abs. he can do crunches like nobody's business. and then this....sitting all the way up on his own, i know it looks like lis is helping him, but she wasn't. and he did it like 10 times prior to that. he's tough. like his daddy. guess i've got some work to do

Thursday, January 13, 2011

jazz game

my parents are vacationing in sunny san diego this week, so they graciously gave Trae & Lis, and Chase & I their 8th row jazz tickets. not too shabby! I was hesitant to take Preston because it would just make for a late night, and it was his 3rd long night spent watching basketball games in the gym that week, but really, who was i kidding....he was a champ, and loved every second. were so happy we took him. It was a very fun night, especially having lis around to spend it with. the jazz won too, so that was fun.

Preston took a little mid-game snoozer and the poor kid was tucked away so snug in his car seat that he woke up looking like he just got out of the tub, he was sweating soooo bad.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the holidays

We had a very enjoyable and fast holiday season....filled with lots of parties, family, friends and food. It was so fun having Preston this year, although he had no idea what was going....clearly more fun for us to have hime than for him. We spent Christmas at my families since the Jones were vacationing in sunny mexico. Then we got together with our friends Phil, Paige & Cash, and Erik, Sammy & Violet for new was so fun to get the kiddos together, it was the first time they have been together since they were might be a battle for violet between the boys, cash won this year, he even got some hand-holding in on her....and it was cute. Anyways...we've had a fabulous year (2010) and we are so so excited for what this new years has in store for us. Hope you had a great holiday too...

Aunt Melissa and Avery are finally in town for a visit...and we are so excited. Avery loves little preston, who is not so little anymore. She's pretty darn cute with him, and she has called me mommy at least a dozen times, and its adorable.

Monday, January 3, 2011

the simpsons....

just added a new member to their family......and he is cute!!!!!
thanks aunt holly for the shirt!
holiday re-cap should be coming soon.....