Thursday, June 18, 2009


luck is something i'll be needin a whole lotta this weekend.

i still haven't figured out how i'll make it up my mountain. crawl if i have to i guess.

excitement/nervousness/pain/relief/more pain/accomplishment.......(just some of the emotions i am currently feeling and others i know i will be feeling shortly.)

right now i'm just really excited.

wish us luck.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

birthday week.....

I had a pretty darn good birthday week last week. To start off the day, my in-laws took me to lunch at cafe rio, and then my adorable mother in law took me shopping for the day, which was wonderful of course.
When Chaser got home, we went and got couples massages....also very very wonderful....followed by my favorite dinner of all....SUSHI, i seriously love sushi. and i love my husband for being so sweet and wonderful. On Wednesday, which was my sis-in-laws, sharee's birthday, we met her and her fam and the rest of the family in Malad for Maddox dinner. Lis and Avery met us there as well so they could come hang out for the weekend. It was so fun to be able to celebrate that day with lis and shar, two of my favorite people.
and seriously, look how adorable shar's baby grayson cute.
Then, i enjoyed the rest of the week with lis and ave. I love those two so much. and had such a fun time with them, shopping, eating out, and just hanging out. come again soon.
Then, on Friday my parents came and met us for dinner (no pics to share) and to pick lis up. I had such a great week. thanks to all for making it wonderful.

Monday, June 1, 2009

23 Years Ago.....

(June 2nd)
I Met my BEST FRIEND for the first time.
I was born 7 minutes before her, much to my Mothers suprise (who didn't know
she was even having twins)...But she handled it well.
I have been blessed with a best friend since day 1.
I've been LUCKY, really really LUCKY.
I know my husband is supposed to be my better half, and he is...but i think that i have 2 better halves...and Lis is that other half that completes me. She really does though....she can easily complete my sentances, knows what i'm thinking most of time, hurts when i do, and has been through everything with me. When she got married, we said it was like we were getting a divorce, because we literally shared EVERYTHING, and had to split it up..... bank account, clothing, shoes...seriously everything. Really though, how many people can say they have had a best friend since forever...i can. i like that. I especially like knowing that she'll be that best friend of mine....for forever. She's coming to spend the weekend with me...I've been giddy about it for 2 weeks now. Seriously lis....Its been a FREAKIN AWESOME 23 years with you! The ups and the downs. I hope you have a GREAT Birthday. I get ridiculously happy looking through pictures and seeing all the great times we've had together. And these aren't even a fraction of what we've had. You are so amazing, really you are. I can't imagine spending the last 23 years without you by my side.
A big shout out to the parents for making that possible.


(and we were seriously cute kids....well maybe just babies....should have skipped those adolescent years...those were not so cute. but they sure were fun with you by my side.)
*Especially thanks for sharing those incredibly LARGE bangs with me....glad we didn't miss out on that one!