Sunday, February 27, 2011

what cute looks like....

pretty sweet huh?

Preston had his 6 mo. appointment this week. two days after being diagnosed with double ear infections. poor little guy. but he got over them quickly, and was a champ at his appointment. i hate that he has to have shots, but i am very grateful that he takes a binky to soothe him when he is sad. anyways, here are the little mans 6 month stats, even though he is 7 months next week

weight- 19 lbs. 7 oz.
height- 27 in.
head- somewhere in the 40%

doc said the kid looks great. and he does.

he all but crawls, infact tonight he did crawl full on, but he pretty much army crawls all over the place.

he is the busiest body ever. like never sits still or relaxes. we have our hands full as soon as he is full-on-crawler. but its cute.

still doesn't giggle much (like a gut-belly-giggle) but the kid smiles all the time.

he's still fantastic, and as you can tell, we still like him. i am fully aware that he consumes our blog and pretty much every other aspect of our life. and we like it that way.

Monday, February 21, 2011

fun in philly....

we made it back from philadelphia, we had a good time. mostly good because we were able to spend time with Chase, and Lauren and Addy came up to see us for a few days after we didn't make our flight, so that was certainly fun to spend some time with them. I realize now, i might have been slightly dramatic about the whole flight situation....still sad i missed state basketball, but its ok. Syd's team took 4th place, and she's a pretty stellar baller. the whole ticket thing was an honest mistake, so i can't be mad about it. but we are happy to be back, little boy is still sick, infact, probably worse....his cold is getting better, but i have a feeling its turned into an ear infection, and his second tooth made its appearance this last week too, so that is fun to deal with. but i can sure tell that he is happy to be home where he can play and sleep comfortably and take it easy. and so am i.

the bear in these next photos was really crazy, just like the biggest teddy bear you have ever seen, didn't move much, or growl, just chilled, and was pretty cute doing it. but still weird to see a giant bear right in front of you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


in philadelphia.

and i'm not very happy about it.

here's the story.....

a few weeks ago i decided to book a ticket to Philly to come see Chase while he is out here working. so i did. with only one stipulation, i had to make it back to boise by Thursday to watch my little sister play in her state basketball tournament. We found the perfect ticket. great. So, Preston and i came out and visited chase, played a few days in philly (and by playing, i mostly mean getting lost because our dumb gps was a piece of crap). but nonetheless, it was/is very nice to be able to spend some time with the husband/daddy since we hadn't seen him in 2+ weeks. sooo, Thursday morning rolls around, we get up super duper early to get to the airport, baby boy wakes up 2.5 hours than the usual due to the hustle and bustle of the airport, go to check in....."no i am not Karin Jones", i tell the workers 3 times as they try to locate my ticket....hmmm, they say "we can't seem to find you in our system, do you happen to have your itinerary"..i sure do, i whip it out, hand it over, only to have the kind worker-man tell me that my ticket is booked for a return date of MARCH 17th, not feb 17th. (the secretary at chase's work booked my ticket....and made a big oops) so, i start having a breakdown, crying more tears than i have cried in quite some time, call my mom at about 4:30 am their time, begging her to find me a ticket home asap. to make the already long story a little shorter, neither my madre, or the united workers could get me on any flights in the next 2 days without costing me a whole arm and a leg (like literally $700-$900 for a one way). so thats that. i'm stuck. can't get back to boise till saturday @ 3 p.m. and even if syd makes it to the championship game, i still miss it. very very frusterating! I am just devestated that i can't be there to watch syd play ball. i have a good feeling abut them this year. ahhh, sigh. but clearly, whats done is done, i should stop whining now. but it kinda does stink just a little.

plus my little boy is sick.

Friday, February 11, 2011

fun with grandma

we've been playing at G&G Webb's house for the last week and a 1/2. It's been pretty sweet being with my family and letting preston have a little bonding time with them. Last week we went to several ball games...Preston does so good at them and loves watching all the people (plus the popcorn). This week we've just been taking it easy, and its been so nice to be able to stay with my parents instead of staying home all by myself while chase has been gone.

Preston loves my mom, however, he gives her the stiff arm every time she holds him and turns away. He will happily go to her (or anyone for that matter) but he has to have me in viewing distance. But my mom is awesome, and doesn't even care that he does this...i'm very sure its only temporary, because the last time we were staying here, my dad scared preston every time he looked at him, and this time....their good buddies. He's kinda going through an i-love-my-mommy-alot phase. kinda annoying, kinda cute. It will be interesting to see how he is when he sees chase next week after not seeing him for 2 wks

All i know, is that i am extremely blessed with a great family, who helps me, loves me, and supports me in all i do.

oh plus...the littles had a corner of his tooth pop through this week. oh the joys of teething.

Monday, February 7, 2011

1/2 a year.....already!

So, heres the little baby Preston turned 6 months old yesterday. I'm still baffled by how and when this all happened, but it did. 1/2 of a year old already. somebody freeze time please! I hardly remember what life was like pre-preston. and i am alright with that, because life is pretty darn wonderful now that he's around (not that it was bad before). I know everyone told me how fast time would go once i had my babe, but really...this fast? Changes still occur almost daily. He is getting a fun little personality. I can't imagine life without him.

some things Presto is up to these days...

-He LOVES LOVES to sit up. He started sitting up around 5 mo.(still wobbly) but he's a champ now!

-He is starting into the crawling phases. He can scoot himself across the floor to get something he wants (especially his binky).

-He also loves to stand up and walk around. he has been able to walk while we hold his hands since about 4 months, and he loves it.

-He loves food. Especially grown up food. Whatever i am putting in my mouth, Preston wants in his. It appears that i am starving him because he always wants something in his mouth. He's pretty good with his baby food, but really likes a little chocolate cake or soft popcorn pieces. Pretty much anything really.

-Loves his daddy. Unfortunetly he is M.I.A. for the month of Feb. (this is probably a whole lot harder for the daddi-o than it is for pj.)

-Sleeps pretty awfully! with an occasional decent night.

-Weighs 18 lbs. 10 oz. (went to the doc the other day to get his ears checked, and they weighed him with his little clothes on so its slightly un-official)

-Will smile at pretty much anyone (most of the time)

-Has incredibly fuzzy hair. slightly hard to manage. People will tell me how cute it is, followed by a "do you ever try to put stuff in it to calm it down"....uh yeah, actually, right before we left the house we did. not much will hold it in place. still very adorable.

we kinda like this little boy.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

family photo....

it was a blistery, cold, windy day....but we managed to get just a few where we all look decent. here's one. i really do love this family of mine. they make me happy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday

It happens to be this lady's birthday today! She's pretty fabulous and we are very lucky to have her as a mom, mil, and grandma!!! She is a great Grandma to Preston and i feel blessed to live by her and learn things from her constantly. I admire her for her patience and kindness! She is the one who keeps me in shape by teaching her awesome exercise class 3x's a week! She really is pretty awesome. We hope you have a great day! WE LOVE YOU!!!