Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays

I unfortunetly did not get christmas cards out this year...i tried, i really did, but of all the self-portraits we took of our selves for cards last minute consisted of Preston chewing the crap out of his hands, and Chase wearing a dread-locked Bob Marley shirt which i wasn't so much a fan of for christmas cards. so...this will suffice.

We have had a fabulous 2010 and we have been so blessed. Chase has been a busy busy boy working so hard up on the mountain this fall, and had a great, successful year. He has proven to be the greatest daddy to sweet Preston. He far surpassed my expectations, i knew he would be a great dad...but i mean, he is really really good...He loves his little boy, and they have a special little bond that is so precious. Preston & I are so grateful for Chase and all the hardwork he does for our family, and his positive attitude through it all. I, am now the lucky little lady who gets to stay home and play all day with my adorable little Preston. I cannot think of anything better or more worthwhile than to be watching Preston grow and learn each day. I just finished my last class yesterday for school and now just need to apply for graduation and i am DONE. It feels so good to be done! I miss my sister dearly in the far-far-away land of Brazil, and it has been a great challenge for me not having her here all the time, especially since i now have a child and i look up to her as a mother in so many ways. And now, to the greatest thing that has happened in 2010...sweet little PRESTON SCOTT JONES made his arrival on August 6th, weighing 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long. He hasn't stop growing since, and every day we are amazed and the things he learns and how much he changes. We never in a million years imagined how wonderful it would be to have a little babe, but it is without a doubt the most amazing blessing in our lives. If Preston had a kiss-counter on his face, i'm sure it would read 1,875, 549 (or something like that). He is such a joy. We are so excited for what this next year will bring us, and we hope you have a great holiday season and new year as well.

(couldn't decide which one i liked felt a little sad to not show up on the christmas blog-post, but he got over it.)

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 16, 2010

oh this boy

This cute little boy of mine is now 4.5 months old. I am not so sure how that happened, but i do know that it has easily been the best 4.5 months of both mine and chase's life. Preston is so sweet and nice, and gets cuter every single day (and i don't know how that is possible but it is). It amazes me how much and how quickly he changes every day...i don't particularly like that part. Here are a few things Presto is up to at 4 1/2 months......
He ABSOLUTELY loves his loves to give him his bath everynight...and preston just giggles and kicks his little feet the whole time.

this picture is just really cute of him...he loves to sit up and be talked to.

He is getting ready for his 1st christmas.....

we went out to dinner for Chase's birthday on tuesday and chase was eating ribs, after he finished he gave Preston his bone and he loved it so much, chewed on that bone for a very long time.

He sat on santa's lap for the first time and was a very good boy.

AND this makes me laugh every single time he does it...when i lay him down on his back he tries so so hard to sit up, he doesn't love his back so much. He sleeps on his tummy and when he rolls over on his back during the night it wakes him right up and he really hates it. He is working on having a 6-pack by christmas, and he's almost there.

Other things Preston does....

-he was a good sleeper at about 3 months..and now he's not so good. right now he is on an every other night schedule where he sleeps good one night and the next night he doesn't...kinda crappy, but i'm sure he'll get it one day.

-He smiles so much...especially at Chase and I. He loves it when his daddy comes home, and chase totally takes over and doesn't let me have him until its time for bed.

-He sometimes squeels like a little pig at night when he gets fussy. He doesn't cry, just squeels-we just laugh at him, and he doesn't really liek that either.

-He chews on everything, especially his hands. if he can grab it, he will eat it.

-He loves to stand up.

-He had is first hair cut last night and he was a champ. He was getting some really long stragglers (because all the other long ones fell out, darnit). really though, they were like 6 inches long compared to his other 2 inch long re-growth. and he had a terrible mullet in the back, so we got rid of that.

-He weighed 16 lbs at his 4 mo. appointment and was 25 inches long (however we think he is longer) and his head landed in the 13th percentile. we figured thats why he looks like he has such big ears, its because his ears are on such a little head. still adorable.

-He's still pretty darn cute, and we still count him as a blessing every single day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

happy birthday baby

yeah, this handsome young man turns 27 today. he is without-a-doubt the worlds greatest daddy and husband. he treats preston and i so good and we are so lucky to have in. we just got a new computer so i don't have any pictures on it yet, BUT if i did, i would show you some pics of how cute chaser is with preston. cutest thing ever. He got a new gun, an i-touch and a drill for his birthday and i'd say he's a pretty happy camper. anyways...i know he won't see this post but we'll wish him a happy day anyway.

update posts to come...oh my i have so many pictures, that i think i might just skip them and start with current things.

are you ready for christmas?