Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas

cards are sent out.
neighborhood gifts delivered.
shopping complete.
halls are decked.
presents are not wrapped.
we are ready for christmas.
we hope you all have a happy holiday.
love, us

Friday, December 16, 2011


Yesterday, the man of our house had a birthday! We celebrated by going out to lunch at Famous Daves and doing some shopping. i know right, birthday shopping on his birthday, i was quite surprised it was allowed. but it was for him, so it was okay.
We are pretty lucky, pres & i, to have this guy in our lives. he treats us pretty dang good. I can't even describe how much Chase loves his boy, they have a cute relationship. and i just love him for more reasons than i can name. He's a great other half for me, and a great daddy too.
clearly Preston is the most fun to take pictures of, even if it is daddy's day.

Friday, December 2, 2011

16 months

say it isn't so.... is he really 16 months old. about to be a big brother? oh dear. sometimes i fear for his little sister, and other times i think it will be the sweetest relationship formed. the doc said yesterday at his 15 month appointment (even though he is almost 16 mo) that it will be most definately a love/hate relationship. which i expected. Not too many changes in the the little guy since i last posted about him. he has had some rough bouts with sicknesses the last little while. yuck, can it be over yet? it seems to be one thing after another, but i tell you if i have to catch anymore throw up in my hands, or change 14 poopy diapers in one day again then i'm taking a vacation....hopefully we can be done with it all soon, even though its unlikely since were rapidly approaching sick season. we will most likely opt to stay indoors for the majority of the winter. Preston sure does keep us laughing and smiling though. he is getting the funnest personality.

I've been jotting down some of the things pres is up to these days that i don't want to forget

-cries terribly when he sees his daddy leave for work, or a meeting. he is used to chase just being gone when he wakes up, but now that the season is over he has to watch him leave, and doesn't like it one bit.

-Asks for lots of attention from Chase and I, he is sure to make sure we are watching him when he is doing something funny or mischevious.

-loves giving kisses. big-wide-open-mouthed-kisses.

-loves to honk our noses, especially when i am rocking him and he is supposed to be being quiet.

-LOVES to lift up my shirt and give baby sister a kiss, sometimes i ask him where baby sister is and he lifts up my shirt to show me, other times he just goes straight for the belly and attacks it.

-attempts to climb onto anything possible in our house.

-loves to feed himself. although he is terrible at it.

-quite possibly my favorite of them all is how he folds his arms everytime he gets in his chair so we can say prayer, or at bedtime. sweetest thing ever.

-kinda turned into a pickier eater. he's not too bad, but definetely worse than he's ever been. But, he loves cold cereal, especially cheerios and ramen noodles. and anything sweet.

-can seriously untwist ANY lid with his mouth. If it has a twisty lid, and it can fit in his mouth, he will get it undone. we have certainly learned the hard way with this one, as drinks have been dumped on him, my makeup all over the floor, and so many more. i don't think we can stop this habit either.

-chipped one of his front teeth, most likely due to the fact that everthing goes in his mouth. oh well, its a baby tooth.

-still loves baby einstein.

-LOVES to dance.

-throws WAY too many fits for my liking.

-loves taking baths and swimming at grandma & grandpas. getting very confident in the water which makes me quite nervous.

-will cuddle with me and only me. occasionally he will lay his head on someone elses shoulder but will only let me rock him or cuddle him.

-likes to drink out of cup like mom & dad, usually he takes of the lid to his sippy so that he can drink out of the cup like a big boy.

-doesn't have a huge vocabulary, but we've heard him say several things a few times.

-momma, dadda, mooo, no, this, that, duck, kitty, horsey, down, ball, nana (banana), shoe, baby, chair....and i'm sure more but thats all i can think of right now.

-he jibber-jabbers all day long though, and we can't wait for them to turn into actual words.

-He often claps for himself when we say good job preston, but it is a silent clap, i've never actually hear noise from his hands....a good golfers clap i'd say.
He's a fun little guy.