Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a little of me

I saw this cute idea on the adorable blog little miss momma the other day and i thought i would quickly jot down a few things too...

i'm weird because.....
-i do not enjoy cuddling while sleeping
-have never left preston with a teenage babysitter, except for once but i had already put him to bed.
-i absolutely love prestons slimy-wet kisses
-can't stand when i make dinner and its hot-n-ready, but the hubs takes his sweet time getting to the table. who enjoys a cold meal, uh not me!
-love to cuddle up to the warm clean laundry fresh out of the dryer
-i won't drink a glass of plain milk. only chocolate.
-i make a ba-jillion lists to check off but never really check them off

i'm a bad friend because.....
-it takes me an eternity to listen to my voicemails
-and almost just as long to return the phone call

i'm a good friend because.....
-i'm a good listener
-i'll go to lunch with you anytime you want.

i'm sad because.....
-my one-on-one time with preston is coming to an end
-i am having a rough time directing myself on decorating baby girls room
-Preston chipped his front tooth on something.
-my dr. keeps calling baby girl in belly a boy, and that makes me nervous.

i'm happy because....
-little P-man took two 2+ hour naps today.
-hunting season is officially over!! yay for having husband back!
-i just got my hair colored.

i'm excited for....
-crazy black friday shopping
-multiple thanksgiving dinners
-baby girls arrival

i'm grateful for...
-the opportunity to be a mom
-a healthy body
-the gospel
-my husband
-a full nights rest

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

baby kisses

Preston is good at giving kisses. I adore them. others, (namely Melissa & Avery) turn their head as fast as possible when they see his wide open mouth coming at them. Always a bit of slobber involved. gross i know, but i'm his mom & i will take as many as i can get from him.

We (pres & i) are staying at my parents house for the week "babysitting" my sisters and cousins while our parents are vacationing in Jamaica. Its not too rough considering that 4 out of the 5 kids are in high school. The other in 1st grade, and Preston is in heaven following her around and doing what she is doing. She actually seems to love it as well so its a win/win. I'm getting lots of jane snuggle time this week & i'm pretty happy about that. We miss Daddy, but can't wait to go home to a complete hunting season & then we will enjoy daddy all to ourselves.

and lastly, snapped a 29 week belly photo this morning. should be 30 week according to my last posted pic, but since my date got changed its not. here is to 11 weeks left. kinda can't believe it.
hopefully will get fabric picked out for her bedding & such this week at one of the worlds greatest fabric stores here. (the Gathering Place)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a boy & his truck

Grandma & Grandpa Jones gave Preston this awesome truck for his birthday. the boy really does love his truck! You'll notice that i've duct-taped the tail gate of the truck, this being because Preston would open it up and climb into and then continue to climb on top of the truck, i thought that by taping it shut i would solve this problem. Negative. He climbs up through the driving position now. We've only had a few minor spills thus far, none that have taught him a lesson though. He absolutely LOVES to honk the horn, and when he honks it, i can hear him giggle at himself across the house. he thinks he's pretty cool stuff. He still cannot drive forward in it, i think because it is lifted off the ground quite a bit, but he loves to reverse and push & climb all over it. his favorite however is looking through all the windows and playing peek-a-boo with me. I think its pretty darn cute!

***on a different note: i had a dr. appointment yesterday, and She has changed my due date once again. I have consistently measured small according to my due date, so as of now, my d.d is January 31st. I've kinda been expecting this to happen so i'm not too bummed about it, i'd rather it be changed now that a month before my "expected" due date and then move it back. We'll let her cook as long as she wants to in there. Other than that, all is well is the baby dept.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

halloween 2011

We had a very low key halloween this year. we thought about going trunk or treating but ended up not. Preston had already eaten more than enough candy as the trick-or-treaters knocked on our door....and lets be honest, it would be me who would end up eating the majority of it. Really, what kind of mother am i letting my child gorge on candy before dinner. The kid loves candy. Then we went over to a friends for a little halloween dinner. Preston was a cute little dog, and actually liked his costume which surpassed my expectations.

here are a few pictures from our night...