Tuesday, May 19, 2009


June 19th & 20th
me and 11 other crazies
only 187.5 miles.

yeah, i'm well aware.... were INSANE.

somehow i was able to convince 11 of my friends/family to run this race with me. No one on our team has ever ran it before, so i'm not sure we know what were in for. nearly 36 hours of running.

Breakdown: there are 12 runners per team. Each runner runs 3 legs throughout the 36 hours (or however long it takes us). we relay off to each other. We run from Logan to Park City...woof, that seems like a long ways.....it is. We run straight through the day, through the night, and through another day. Our team is "The Young & the Restless"

-my first leg is easy....3.5 miles- flat.
-second leg, not so much...9.6 miles- some rolling hills.
-third leg, ridiculous...3.6 miles- straight up the freakin mountain. I gain 1492 feet in elevation in just this leg. seriously.

i think its time the training gets serious. really really serious.

last night i ran 7 miles, it was hard. and in 5 weeks from now, i have to take that 7 and add almost 3 to it. uh oh.

(**oh yeah, seriously, thanks to those who are joining me on this crazy adventure. i hope you don't hate me when were through.) ...we'll have fun. lots of it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


who ever said that procrastination is the key, needs slapped.

why i ever think thats true, beats me...

whether its key or not....its how i roll.

see ya when i finish my finals this week.