Monday, August 31, 2009



The week after i finished running the Wasatch Back in June, i was still on runners high, and signed up for the Top of Utah Half Marathon, one week went by....didn't go running, two weeks....still didn't feel like running, three weeks and even four weeks....still hadn't hit the pavement to go running, not even once. anyways....long story short, i was having a super hard time motivating myself to go running, {thankfully i have a super awesome mother in law who teaches aerobic classes weekly to help keep me in semi-decent shape for 2 1/2 months} when the race approached last weekend, i had tallied up a TOTAL of 4 runs in the last two months, none of them over the distance of 4 miles...hahaha, really?! So i couldn't decide if i was really gonna go through with it or not, and when it came down to it, i decided that i would do it...but had little or NO expectations for myself, ( + i would be able to go spend the weekend with lis and little ave) so i went. My good friend Jana had signed up to do it as well, but both of us had slacked somewhat in training, me more that her. But we both decided to do it, laughing at ourselves the whole bus ride up the canyon where we were to start the race.

seriously, i kept thinking "what in the crap am i thinking" last year when i trained for my half, i worked my butt off and trained so hard, but for some reason it was hard for me this year. Anyways,.... race started, and there were like 3000 participants, it was crazily packed, but i loved the atmosphere, the canyon we ran through was beautiful, and the adreniline that i felt was pretty high.....

crazy thing is, the adreneline NEVER left, the running got a little difficult at mile 10, where the uphill started, but i am pretty darn pleased with how it all turned out (especially for not training) I met my goal of never walking, and finishing under two{2} hours. I finished the race in 1 hour and 50 minutes.... and i placed 18th in my age division. I was seriously shocked! but really happy, and it felt really good. (i'm kinda sore now, but i guess thats my payback for not training @ ALL, right) was fun, and i'm glad i did it.

{jana & me: pre-race}

{jana's friend Betty ran as well, and did awesome}

{i can finally see the finish line, and it looks good}

I am super happy and proud of Jana for doing it, she did so awesome too, and really if it weren't for her i probably would have dogged out on THANK YOU jan, your awesome!

And of course i have to throw in a few of sweet little (but getting bigger) Avery + lis...miss you both already...loves!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


the last few weeks have been slightly uneventful....hence the zero{0} blogs in 5 weeks. it happens. wish i could say something super exciting was coming up. Chase started the DREADED hunting season on sunday....dreadful for me, wonderful for the Chaser man (but i'm sure he misses me too, even tho he loves his job). I sure do miss him for the 3 months that he is nearly non-existant from my life. but hopefully it won't be too bad.

I start school next week...gross! but its my last semester EVER. thats pretty awesome.

little sis, Mckell, got engaged a few weeks ago. SUPER excited for her and mr. spencer mendenhall. he'll be a fantastic addition to the fam. yeah for them.

my annual anticipated ALUMNI volleyball game is this weekend. Thats always something fun to look forward to. i miss volleyball. a lot.

we had a fun summer. kinda sad to see it gone, ok, really sad to see it gone. But i do love love love the fall.

....until something cool happens, peace!