Saturday, December 26, 2009


we're takin off to relax on the beach for the next three school and no work, can't think of how it could possibly get any better than that. later

Monday, December 14, 2009

cake #2

This past weekend, one of my best friends from college got married (wish i had a pic of her, cause she looked beautiful) anyways, she asked me to make her cake, (so with the help of Lis, of course, and my friend sammy too) this is how it turned out.... I love the way it all came together!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Last week, Lis and Ave came to spend a couple of days with me before we went home for Thanksgiving. It is always so fun to have them around. We stayed up late, shopped, and did some of which is shown below...we love how they turned out and it was so super easy.

one word....amazing!!! i seriously loved this movie (Sammy, your description nailed it right on!) My little sis rach was jumping out of her seat when Jacob came on screen, i'll admit that he was lookin pretty good, but i'm stickin with Edward. I didn't have really high expectations for the movie, because i wasn't that impressed with Twilight, but this surpassed all my expectations. loved it.

My parents took chase and i and two of my little sisters, Syd and Rach to the Jazz game after our Thanksgiving Feast on was a really fun game, we hadn't been to a Jazz game for a while, so it was fun to go. Thanks mom and dad!

you can see what time the clock says, but unfortunetely that is not the time we woke up to go shopping...We actually drove straight from the Jazz game in Salt Lake...went to my parents house to drop of Chase and my Dad and got right back on the road to go shopping, so in reality....we never slept, the 1:52 is just the time we were pulling back out of our garage. SO EARLY, but it worked out good because we really weren't even tired since we hadn't been to bed yet....Once we met up with our shopping crew we headed to Walmart (at 2:45 a.m)....and waited there until 5 a.m.....thankfully they let us in the store to hang out until the registers opened so we weren't freezing.
I know Black Friday shopping is crazily insane, but i love it. Even if i don't need anything for myself, i think it is so fun to go watch all the other crazies....even tho i'm one of them. I did however, get some good deals this year. and had a great time!

I hope you all had a happy thanksgiving as well....and can you believe that its December...i can't. But i'm sure happy it is, i love this time of the year. enjoy it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


chase and i bought our first home last week. We are so excited and it is so beautiful! i'll post pictures soon. For now, i'm just busy enjoying it, and putting it together so i haven't taken any yet. But WE LOVE IT so much! plus....we've got extra bedrooms now, so come visit.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

a plethora of events

Park City
Lauren and Royce flew home for a first on the list of fun things to do was head to park city for the night, to relax, shop and spend some quality time with Laur while she was in town. We had a great time, except it just wasn't long enough. I haven't been to park city for a couple of years, and i forgot how much i loved it. We stayed at a beautiful resort that was on the mountain side, and it was crazy to see them already blowing snow to get ready for the season. We went to a yummy pizza and pasta restaurant, and had such a fun time.

Family Pictures
Since Laur was in town...and she won't be able to come for a while since she's havin a sweet little baby in Jan, we decided to have some family photos. I'm sure they turned out great, because we had an awesome photographer...i'll post the real ones when we get them back...but for now, you can gander at the snap shots i got.

isn't he cute?

just a little extra of my "J" pumpkin. I think its been 4 years since i had carved a pumpkin...i'm not a big halloween fan.

Lauren's baby shower
On saturday, we threw Lauren and her sweet baby girl a baby shower. She is due the end of January, and she looks great. It was so fun to see her with her cute belly, and i can't wait to meet the little princess that she'll be having. She got some very cute and fun stuff. It amazes how crafty people are. so fun.

All of Laur's great gifts.

This is the cute frame + bows that i made with Lis's help on the bows. It was a fun little project.

Trick (or) Treating
It was so fun to go trick or treating with Easton and Mason. They are seriously adorable. I love them, and there cute personalities. Aren't they cute.

We had such a great weekend with our family....I love this time of year, and always feel so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


not much has been up....were keeping really busy with school and work....i just keep missing my babe, he's such a hard workerwhich i'm grateful for....but its tough sometimes.He had to get stiches today at work, not sure on all the details I just know he fell, and luckily there were several dentists hunting this week with him, so they stitched him up. He's says its nothing major, but its still kinda sad.

anyways...he's pretty awesome, that husband of mine.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

the reception...

The friday following the wedding was Kell and Spencer's reception...and again, wonderful weather (for fall at least)....My mom has wonderful sisters and sister in laws who are so awesome in helping to get ready for the receptions, and it is so fun to see it all come together. I am pretty much an Avery hog when i am around...i seriously cannot get enough of her, and she likes me....alot. The backdrop for Kell and Spences reception turned out so good i think, we have been collecting lanterns for a long time and it came together so nicely. Its crazy how months of planning lead to one night, and then its over. But it was fun and everything turned out great.

The wedding & the adorable newlyweds

My darling little sister got married on Thursday and it was a wonderful day (except that my husband had to work...ugh)...But after the horendous weather on Wednsday we were a little worried that it would be a yucky day on Thursday for their wedding, but they must be living right because it was beautiful. And She looked stunning.....i am in love with her dress and now a huge fan of fall weddings because everything turned out so great. It honestly is a little wierd that kell is married now, cuz she's just my little sister...and now she's all married and grown up...but i could not be more excited about having Spencer in our family....he's awesome.

I cannot eliminate i pretty much post them all, which i think is fine.... Their sealing was amazing...they had one of the seventy perform their sealing (+ i just got done listening to him speak at general conference (Brent Neilson), which was really amazing)....I am so happy for both of them. being married is such a great thing.

The beautiful bride

{so cute} of random pics of me and my sisters