Thursday, October 15, 2009


not much has been up....were keeping really busy with school and work....i just keep missing my babe, he's such a hard workerwhich i'm grateful for....but its tough sometimes.He had to get stiches today at work, not sure on all the details I just know he fell, and luckily there were several dentists hunting this week with him, so they stitched him up. He's says its nothing major, but its still kinda sad.

anyways...he's pretty awesome, that husband of mine.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

the reception...

The friday following the wedding was Kell and Spencer's reception...and again, wonderful weather (for fall at least)....My mom has wonderful sisters and sister in laws who are so awesome in helping to get ready for the receptions, and it is so fun to see it all come together. I am pretty much an Avery hog when i am around...i seriously cannot get enough of her, and she likes me....alot. The backdrop for Kell and Spences reception turned out so good i think, we have been collecting lanterns for a long time and it came together so nicely. Its crazy how months of planning lead to one night, and then its over. But it was fun and everything turned out great.

The wedding & the adorable newlyweds

My darling little sister got married on Thursday and it was a wonderful day (except that my husband had to work...ugh)...But after the horendous weather on Wednsday we were a little worried that it would be a yucky day on Thursday for their wedding, but they must be living right because it was beautiful. And She looked stunning.....i am in love with her dress and now a huge fan of fall weddings because everything turned out so great. It honestly is a little wierd that kell is married now, cuz she's just my little sister...and now she's all married and grown up...but i could not be more excited about having Spencer in our family....he's awesome.

I cannot eliminate i pretty much post them all, which i think is fine.... Their sealing was amazing...they had one of the seventy perform their sealing (+ i just got done listening to him speak at general conference (Brent Neilson), which was really amazing)....I am so happy for both of them. being married is such a great thing.

The beautiful bride

{so cute} of random pics of me and my sisters

cake making....

Lis and I made Mckell's wedding cake....I had never made a cake before and lis had only helped with we were major beginners but we are creative and ambitious so we picked a design and jumped right in. It was a lot of fun to make, and my sweet friend Sammy came over and helped us while i was in logan to make it, and i'm so glad she did because it made it so much easier to have a 3rd person. It was quite time consuming, but very fun for me because i got to spend the day with lis, ave, and sammy....We think that it turned out so good, and we are really happy with it. We made it out of styrofoam, except for the topper, that was real cake (except kell and spenc never even cut the cake, but oh well).... pics are from start to finish. enjoy.