Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Las Vegas Baby!!

Last weekend we headed to Las Vegas with some friends to play, but mostly so the boys could go to the UFC Fight. They were all so excited, and it was fun to see them all pumped up and ready to go watch some fights. We had so much fun together, it was so nice to be able to get away for the weekend to relax, shop, and eat some good food. Thanks to everyone for making it a fun weekend!
Here is all the boys ready to head out to watch the fight...
The boys headed out, so the girls headed out for some good ice cream at dalton & holly's hotel.

Here is our whole group, we had so much fun with everyone.

Us girls enjoyed some good shopping while the boys were gone at the fight.
We spent alot of time with our friends Paige & Phil, they are so cute and fun to be with. thanks guys!

Monday, May 26, 2008

She's a Married Woman now...

**my cousin chelsea is the cutest thing....i am so happy for her. She got married last weekend, and everything was wonderful. She married an awesome guy, and they seem so happy together! She was a beautiful bride! congrats chels, love you!!

**Lis and I got to work in the kitchen at chels' reception, which means we got to taste test everything that was going out to the reception, more that once i might add!

**lis and i and our adorable parents! my dad finished his last chemo treatment that day, he is awesome!! aren't they cute!!

**totally check out that amazing cake! it is my most favorite thing ever! so cute!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


On Saturday, Me, Shar, My mother-in-law, her brother Jeff, and her friend Andrea, got together to run in the Ogden Marathon Relay! We had so much fun and it was such a beautiful day! Jeff started us off by running 7 miles, followed by Kathy (my mom-in-law) running 6, she handed off to me, where i ran 5 miles, then Shar ran 5 miles, Andrea finished up for us by running the last 3 miles. We all did so good.

Shar and I decided we had a little extra energy at the end of our legs and decided to run the last three miles as well! We didn't have quite as much as energy as our first legs, but it was so much fun to run across the finish line with all of the hundreds of people there cheering everyone on! Everyone did so good...and i was so amazed by all the marathon runners, I mean seriously.....26.2 miles, are they crazy! no, they are just amazing! There were about 6,000 people running in the race on Saturday....there were SO many people.

Here is Shar and I, exchanging the timing chip! And Shar taking off...she did so good!

Here is our team....We finished the Marathon in a little under 4 hours...i don't know if thats good or bad...but i think we all did great! See ya next year team!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

missin my man..

I'm sure missin chase this week....he and his brothers and dad went to Alaska for the week to do a little bear hunting and fishing. This is the longest we've been away from each other since we've been married, and its not so fun! But i hope he is having a wonderful time! Word has it that chase has shot him a big ol' looks like i've got a new rug for my house, haha! But i sure hope he hurries home to me, cuz i miss my baby!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lessons Learned...

How wonderful are mothers, seriously. I know mine is simply amazing. I will be forever grateful for all the many lessons she has taught me throughout my life, and for the lessons i continue to learn each day from her. I feel so lucky to have a close relationship with my madre...and i just love her so much for everything she does for me.

Here are just a few lessons learned from her (plus a few great traits i wish to oneday have...)

1. cleanliness: (this is certainly one that i still need some work on,) My moms cleaninless makes coming home to visit so is so nice to always come home to a clean, organized home. And the way she keeps her cars all so clean, everytime i clean mine...i think of my mom and know she would be proud (if only it were a constant clean...)I just know that because she keeps our home clean, there is always a feeling of peace and happiness, instead of cluttered and confused!

2. Service: My Mom has served in many church callings, and i have loved watching her eagerness, and willingness to serve all those around her. She certainly goes above and beyond the call of duty, and i know that she blesses so many others lives because of her loving service.

3. Patience: My mom married a farmer, and very rarely do farmers run on time, i've learned from my mother that there are two options to this situation....get mad because they run late, or learn to deal with it, cuz chances are it won't change for the rest of your not really worth freaking out over.....She usually chooses the patient route.... And then I married an elk rancher, and the situation remains the same. So i'm grateful to have been able to watch my mom and her patience with my dad while growing up, it helps me...even though I haven't tackled this trait quite yet, maybe one day, right.

4. A love for the Gospel: I have great respect for my mom and her dedication to always learn and grow in the gospel. I love that she reads her scriptures everyday, goes to the Temple often, has and endless amount of Christlike attributes, and has a strong and steady testimony. She is a rock in the Gospel, and has set a great example for our family to learn from.

Seriously, i have a never-ending list of qualities that i admire in my mother, and many many lessons that she whole-heartedly attempts to teach me...My list could go on and on, but these are just a few. I'd say she does pretty darn good training us FIVE girls to be as wonderful as she is one day.... That doesn't seem like any simple task to me!

Thank you MOM for EVERYTHING you do for me, you are a wonderful, supportive, caring, and FUN Mom, and i'm so glad your mine. Hope you have a Happy Mothers Day Mom. I sure do love you!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Women's Conference Weekend!

I had such a SpLenDid weekend with my cute sister, sister-in-laws and mother-in-law at the BYU Women's Conference. We all went to some amazing classes, and learned some gReAt things. It was so much fun to be able to spend time with all of them, and i'm super happy that Lis was able to come with us, and that i was able to spend time with everyone! I'm totally going to show way too many pictures, but i'd rather not miss out on anything fun that went on!!

Here we are waiting before one of our classes, I loved this class, it was called: "Cherish This Role That is So Uniquely Yours: Parenting for Young Mothers." It really was a great class, but no, don't get any ideas, i'm not about to be a young mother yet...but it did teach great lessons on PaTieNcE and balancing life. I serioulsy LOVED all of the classes!

....out for pedicures

We all went and got pedicures Thursday night after dinner and classes, It was quite relaxing, as we sat in our massaging chairs, read our magazines, and enjoyed our pedicures! Check our our cute toes!

...and of course we went out for Cold Stone Ice Cream, Kathy had never tried it so we figured we'd better show her a little bit of heaven on earth...cold stone is amazing! It's pretty much a must-have favorite dessert!
We stayed up and played Phase 10 until 1:00 in the morning, it was pretty hard for us to get through one phase without having to stop for 10 minutes during our phase because some random topic came up. I LOVE girls nights, with the outbursts of laughter, deep conversations, and silly girls staying up way too late to act normal. We were pretty much pooped out by the end of day 1! But loved every second of it!

Lis and I met Sister Dalton (the General Young Women's President) quite a few years ago when we were in young womens, we've ran into her a few times since then, and it was so fun running into her here at the Women's Conference. She remembered us, so we snapped a quick pic. She is seriously the sweetest thing!

The closing speaker was President Monson, and it was so awesome to feel the spirit that he brings with him. The room was silent as he walked into the Marriot Center, and then randomly someone started singing "We Thank Thee O' God For A Prophet," i'm seriously suprised any of us were able to sing the words as we were all fighting back the tears. Anyhow, it was a wonderful weekend, i was spiritually fed, and loved spending time with my family!