Monday, April 30, 2012

3 Months

  Another month slipped right through my hands. i thought month #2 went quickly, but that was no comparison to how fast month #3 went. sheesh! as you can tell, little miss has only continued to get cuter and cuter and chubbier. oh how i love those cheeks & thighs of hers. If only i could make rolls look even half that cute.
  Not much has changed since last months updates of claire-bear. she still sleeps great, we started putting her bed a few hours earlier so sometime she wakes up around 4:30 or 5 to eat, but sometimes not, its pretty fabulous.
   It doesn't take much to get the little gal to smile (just like her brother). Speaking of her brother, we think they are starting to look just like one another. adorableness! also, Claire is looking at Preston in that picture above, i think she's going to adore him, and he already adores her. its kinda perfect.
  We just returned home from Mexico, where claire proved to be a champ. unfortunately, she will not remember a single thing about the wonderful time we all had, so i guess we'll just have to return.
  Life is treating us pretty darn well right now. I love this little girl so much & and am constantly amazed at how my heart just grew when i had her, she filled in a gap that i didn't know needed filled. here's to another fabulous month.

**also, happy birthday to my daddy today. He's pretty much THE greatest dad ever. i love you daddy

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cousins & Fun @ Grandmas.....

Since we've had Claire, we have seemed to spend lots of time with Preston & Claire's cousins on the Jones side. It is so fun to see Pres interact with them & also to see how incredibly sweet & loving they all are towards Claire. some of these are from when Claire was only 2 or 3 weeks old so she is tiny, but really we are so lucky & blessed to have such an awesome & supporting family. And Claire can't wait to meet cousin Addy next week in Mexico.

These next pictures are nothing short of hilarious. Preston LOVES being at Grandma & Papa's house, and especially loves their dog mya. These outfits (or the lack thereof) were entirely preston's doings. He brings us the floaties and says "swim", and runs around with no pants, a crooked beanie, & grandma's headband on. He is silly, and full of it, and so much fun.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

We had the greatest Easter weekend @ my parents. The weekend was chuck-full of fun family time. Preston was so much fun this year & although he still was unsure about what was going on and why there was candy hidden in the grass he soaked it all up and loved it. I personally loved watching him and having a good excuse to give him all the candy his little heart desired. Claire of course had no idea what was happening, but she just worked her baby-charm all weekend and was loved on by my family.

We started out the weekend celebrating with the BIG Webb family. Our family is changing and growing so much and it is so fun get together with them every now and then. The kids had an easter egg hunt, Preston loved it, but he was super slow and took his precious time getting around to all the candy, which is SO unlike him...but nice for a change.
After we got home from party #1, we hung out at my parents house...loved on the kiddos, and had a hot-dog roast out by the fire. such a wonderful way to spend a beautiful evening.

Easter morning Preston woke up to a fun easter basket, We got ready for church and can i just say how much i love easter Sunday. It makes me realize just how grateful i am for my Savior & for the sacrifices he made in my behalf. Even though the holiday seems to get mixed up in the hustle & bustle of easter candy & bunny rabbits, I am truly blessed to have the knowledge & blessings of the savior in my life.
We ended off the day by going to my Grandparents & spending the afternoon with that side of the family. I will argue with anyone that i have the best family out there. I love being able to spend time with my family and seeing them interact with Preston & Claire.
And YEAH for perfect spring weather!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

@ 2 months

now seriously, i thought month one went by quickly, but #2 has been a complete blur. i'm afraid that i will go to sleep tonight then i'll wake up tomorrow and she'll be walkin & talkin back. lets hope not. for now we are just enjoying every second & miss claire continues to be a complete joy in our lives.
this month claire.....

-weighed in at 12 lbs. 15 oz. (87%)
-was 23 3/4 inches long (96%)
-started smiling a ton....cutest thing ever!
-began sleeping through the night, eats, then goes back to sleep for a while longer.
-usually cat-naps during the day
-loves to stand & sit.
-wants to be talked to all day long.
-is starting to look more and more like her adorable big brother.
-loves to sleep on her belly.
-is learning to tolerate hits to the head from her brother (in those occasions i take back the previously mentioned adorable-ness of him)
-survived her first cold & nasty cough, passed on from Preston who was diagnosed with croup, thankfully that part wasn't passed on. scary stuff that croup business.
-just gets cuter & sweeter everyday.