Wednesday, June 27, 2012

mexico 2012

once upon a time ( a long time ago)
we went to mexico (and it was wonderful)
we took lots of pictures (so many infact that i am just throwing them on here with no further description of them)
we ate lots & lots of guacamole (which i've been craving ever since)
and played & played & played (on the beach, in the sand, on a boatride, & more)
we spent quality family time (with grandma & papa & lauren, royce & addy)
we ate more yummy mexican food (authentic mexico food rocks)
did i mention we had a fabulous time....(WE DID!)

thanks to my inlaws for taking us on such an awesome trip. not too many things top an exclusive beach house all to yourselves for a whole week. 

enjoy picture overload & be happy i didn't gather lauren's pictures too!