Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last weekend lis and ave came to stay with us for the weekend to spend some quality time before the big move =(. can i just say how much i am going to miss them. I've already had one minor breakdown, and i can only imagine several more coming especially as i prep for the little babe without my sis's help. can't even get started on little ave.....anyways, we had a great weekend, full of thrifting, crafting, eating and etc. Saturday night we met my parents for dinner and picked syd up. Everyone at church was quite confused and having to take triple looks at us. And all the boys in my ward drooled over cute syd....Ave even went for a lawn mower ride with uncle chase (she love's him and smiles whenever she see's him...adorable), even though we don't have a lawn to mow yet.

I'm going to logan tomorrow to help lis get packed up a bit. The ONLY bonus for her moving is that she is keeping all of her stuff in our basement while their gone, which means i get new clothes/new home decor while their gone. That is however the only good thing i have thought of thus far.

It is super crazy to think the we have just over 3 months before baby J makes his arrival. We are so very very unprepared at this point, but still extremely excited. We got our garden planted this week... {we love gardening}. We are prepping for the Trek that we will be going on in June. Call me crazy for going and being 7 months pregnant, but i just keep thinking all the pioneer women did it, why can't i. We will be going 18 miles total, 6 each day. I've been super lucky and have felt so good that i've been able to keep active and exercising, i'm just praying that i will continue to fill that way for the next few months. Other than that, not much has been going on. enjoying the spring weather when we get it, getting very excited for summer.

Monday, April 12, 2010

on growing....

i decided it was time to show the belly...its been kinda strange having a belly start to pop out, but quite honestly, i love it and it makes me so excited. Most of the time i just feel/look fat and as if i've just put on some extra lbs, but here is proof that there actually is a little babe sprouting inside. He is getting quite active which is so fun...last night he was having a little dance party right when i was trying to go to sleep, but i'll take the punches and kicks whenever i can! it makes it so real and fun. only have roughly 17 weeks left...holy crap, feeling very unprepared right now, ok i take that back, i AM very unprepared at this point...but i'm workin on it.

I seriously feel amazing great...like as good as when i wasn't preg...so i'm feelin lucky. hopefully that feeling will last for a while longer, cuz i'm enjoying it.

The first pic is @ 20 weeks and the other two are @ 23 weeks.
changes are happening daily. and i love it.