Sunday, September 14, 2008

the sun still shines..

well i am happy to announce that when i woke up on saturday morning the sun was up and it was shining brightly.

I had a good weekend.

My wonderful mother made the trip up my way so we could go watch my little sister sydneys volleyball tournament together. She is Awesome. she had so many things that she could have been doing because they were having the annual "Farm appreciation party" at my parents house that night, but being the sweet mother that she is, and knowing my previous day/week...she came. we watched some volleyball, had lunch, and visited the farmers market. she really is wonderful. thanks mom.

It was a good day.

That night, my babe was home...which was a blessing because a week without him, makes me happy when he is home. We were able to go to the Adult session of Stake Conference together, and then attend it again today. I love sundays more that any other day of the week. Its my day of peace. When i don't need to be in a hurry to get things done, or be somewhere...i just get to enjoy the moment. in which i did.

so, with that being said...i am happy today.

Its going to be a good week.

Friday, September 12, 2008


for some reason its been a rough week for me.

I've been super stressed with work...just too much to do and certainly not enough time to get any of it done.

and then there is volleyball... some days my girls stress me out to the max. on Monday, i only had 5 girls show up to practice, and i always get some sort of silly excuse from them like no one told them they had practice....sorry girls but its the same time day after day... lets be serious, they are just freshmen. (on a good note, i was impressed at the way they played last night, although we didn't win, they played good, which is a start...right?).

My car window broke, well not like broke and shattered, but it would not roll up at all. i think the motor broke in it, so i had to drive all week with a rolled down window (not fun, especially at 5:45 a.m. while driving to vb practice) luckily no rain came my way.

and then today....i've been so excited for this weekend because i had planned this super fun weekend with my sisters to go to price, where i was gonna play in a volleyball game at my old college, then tomorrow morning i was gonna run in a half marathon in price. Well as i rushed to pick up my car at the shop this morning and get back so i could get on the road, i thought to myself, i should probably call my Coach (from college) to double check on the game. so as i call him, he told me that he had cancelled the game for tonight...without telling half of us that were planning on coming. seriously coach. so then i had a breakdown of disappointment.....was it really worth it for me to drive 5 hours to just run a two hour race then turn around and head rigt back home......?
But what about my sisters...we had been planning on this weekend for a while and were so excited. so what to do....i chose not to go, but have been quite upset about the whole event all day. I've cried to almost everyone i've talked to about it, and i don't even know why. I think i was just sad for droppin the ball on a fun weekend with my sisters, and not being able to run my race....but i am just at least glad that i didn't drive the 5 hours to price, all dressed and ready for a volleyball game, only to then find out that i was the only player in the gym. anyways....i'm hopin for anything up at this point.
I don't mean to be a complainer, just needed it off my chest

so... its over now,

i'm done whining about all of it,

and i'm over it.

Sorry lis and Kell for ruining the weekend.

Maybe another day?