Sunday, July 27, 2008

whats been goin on?

I have been so bad at updating my blog lately...So i'll just do a little recap of all the things we've been up to lately!

Every summer my mom and her sisters go on a little sisters trip to salt lake, they call it "therapy"...they always get crazy looks when they tell people they are going to therapy for a few days, but they have so much fun, no kids, shopping, eating out, and sleeping in. I went and met them for dinner one night. They are so fun!
Lis & I out to dinner with my mom one weekend home in Idaho.

This last weekend we went to Lava Hot Springs for Eastons Birthday.

the 2nd picture is all of us who floated the river.
Chase & I and some friends went to Weber State a few weeks ago to watch the fireworks.
Easton & I hangin out @ the pool, we had another little birthday party for him at the pool with his other side of the family. Shar's parents are so cute! For the 24h of July they had a little "Cowboys & Indians" party, everyone dressed up and played games, hunted for our dinner, and made little stick horses. The kids loved it. They are so cute and fun with their grandkids, and threw a fun party for all of us.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

to the bone and back...

heres the post that i have been meaning to post for a few weeks, the pics i was waiting for never showed up, so i'll make do. anyways...this was seriously an awesomely difficult race....meaning that i was a really great race, but pretty darn hard. The race was called The Bone and Back, we started in Idaho Falls, and ran out to this old run-down store called the Bone Store, then turned around and ran back. We each carried the baton, which was a little bone...they went all out with the "bone". The relay was a 40 mile relay, with 8 people per team, thank goodness, cuz five miles was about as far as i could go on this course. (It was also an option to run the whole freakin 40 miles solo-they called it the ultra marathon- I will go ahead and rename it to the Very Stupid Person Ultra Marathon...seriously who runs 40 miles in the middle of the day) anyhow, we had a pretty awesome team, and took fourth place!! The second leg of the relay was literally NO LIE 5 straight miles up-hill, and for the most part it was no gradual was ridiculously uphill, bless her heart, Stacey, who ran this leg for us, she did amazing! I thought mine was hard, with 2 straight miles uphill, but mine didn't even come close to comparing to hers. Everyone did really great. For some reason i am totally LOVING running this summer, especially doing races...I think its the races that are keeping me motivated to keep running, but either way, its great. And i totally want to run this race again next year, so if ya wanna do it too....let me know.
our team minus a few

Kathy runnin her little heart out
Here is the course....its divided in the fourlegs, and then you turn around and run them on the way back too. pretty crazy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

like a rock....

so i seriously know i talk about my family and especially my dad alot, but today my dad finished his last radiation treatment.....HE IS DONE! it has been a long, tough road, but he has done so good, and been so positive. A little over a month ago they did a scan to see how much of his cancer was still there after his chemotherapy, and they were so happy to see that there was only a tiny tiny bit left, and they hoped to zap that out with the radiation. He won't get another scan done until August to see what the radiation did, But i feel pretty good out it. I am just so happy that he doesn't have to go through those yucky treatments any more, and he can just heal. He seriously did amazing, and i feel so blessed to have doctors who are so knowledgable about this cancer stuff, and know what is best to do to treat people like my dad. Good job Daddy-O, you are amazing!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

the cutest family ever...

family reunion 2008
This past weekend we had our Garrard Family Reunion @ my parents house, and we had the greatest time. When we got there on Thursday, we went to this big waterslide...its pretty much the classic redneck waterslide, cuz its just a big tarp down a grass hill, but that didn't stop us from having a great time on it. They had a zipline, and other fun things to do as well. When we got done there, we went to my parents house and pitched our tents, and put up a projector outside and had our own little theater, while watching "August Rush" (love that movie)...
The next morning, we got up bright and early and had the first annual "Garrard Family 5k fun Run/Walk/Push/Pull/Or whatever you can do to get you across the finish line" race. We had so much fun, my grandma even brought out her golf cart to get her to the end of the race. The rest of the day we just pretty much relaxed, the girls did crafts, the boys took naps. We had a killer kickball game, i know its kinda oldschool, but we love it, and always seem to make great memories while doing so. We had a great reunion, i love being with my family and i feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family, who is so close and enjoy being together so much. Thanks everyone for such a great time. ***see pictures below!!

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