Monday, May 31, 2010

heather mickey simply amazing. i love her work!

Friday, May 28, 2010

lots and lots

whoa, i have lots and lots of pictures to post from the fun week we've had.....

Chaser + the kiddos
lately chase has been super cute with our nieces and nephews (ok, he's always super cute with them,) but i've just been noticing more as i realize were both prepping for parenthood. he's cute & so are our nieces and nephs...Lauren & royce have been in town with their sweet little Addy Pie & Dalton & Holly were also in town with their two cute girlie including the newest addition Coraline, who we had never met. they are all so sweet and lucky to have fun cousins for our little babe to run around with.

Chase w/ Adalyn

w/ baby Coraline

& w/ Mason who absolutely adores Chase. Chase says all the time how he wishes we could have a replica of Mason because he is just so cute.

Coraline's Blessing + Family Lodge Vacay
On Sunday, Sweet Coraline was blessed while Dalton & Holly were in town. They had the blessing at our lodge in Utah and it was perfect. she is really an angel and so cute. The rest of the fam stayed up at the lodge and relaxed & played for a couple of days and it was so fun for all of us to be together....we celebrated Mason's 3rd birthday and we had family pictures too which i'm super excited to see how they turned out....

Girls Afternoon
yesterday, Laur Shar & I went and got our hair did by Lauren's darling friend Cassie. It was so fun for all of us to just sit and talk for the afternoon while we were getting it done. should have taken a final product picture of us, but i didn't...but they all turned out so cute! (thanks Cassie!)

Baby Shower
Last night i had my first baby shower thrown by my fabulous sister in laws + mother in law. They really are wonderful and i am very very lucky to have them!! It turned out wonderful, and made me more anxious/nervous for little baby J to come, but i got some great things that i am so excited to use. I have awesome awesome family + friends....and i was so fun to catch up with them at the shower. Thank You everyone for making it so wonderful!

Me w/ my cute friend Paige who is having her own little guy in 6 weeks, she was in town from Moscow, ID, so it was so fun to see her. she's an adorable pregnant girl!

This little lady is set to have her baby tomorrow if she hasn't already had it....she looked absolutely amazing, and i was so so happy to see her, even tho she should have probably been at home resting.....Thank you so much Brookie for coming, it meant so much to me!

I really do have the greatest families & am so blessed!
i'll throw in a little extra (mostly for lis) of my growth....this is 28 weeks i think, can't really remember. still feeling great and getting so excited!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

its gonna be just fine....

So, sister & ave took off this week to live on another continent...needless to say, its been a weird few day, not being able to pick up the phone and just call or text when i want. BUT, Lis kept saying that it was going to be just fine, and indeed it will be...thanks to modern technology that allows us to video chat and such. It will be a grand adventure for them i'm sure. its pretty hard not to miss those cute faces though....

Brasil is lucky to have them, and i'm certain they will be put to good use within the next week or two and have ward callings and such.

I however, will still be counting down the days till their next visit in August (maybe if their lucky i'll save baby J's arrival for when their here) Note: that would be lucky for them, not so much for me...making me slightly overdue.

until then sis, enjoy the beach and the sun. loves!