Sunday, June 29, 2008

One year stronger....

yesterday was our first anniversary! It has been a wonderful year. I have learned so much about our relationship, and about my sweet husband...He is so wonderful, so patient, and so good to me. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband! For our anniversary, we drove to Chase's parents house Friday night, then I got up early Sat. morn so i could run in a race...which went wonderful (post of the race to come in the next few days....i'm waitin on some more pics..) After that was finished, which pretty much took all day, we had some lunch, and headed to Salt Lake, where we stayed at Little America...Chase took me to dinner at Takashi, which was a wonderful sushi restaurant (we love sushi)....then we went our for ice cream of course! Sunday morning (we broke the sabbath, oops) and went to the amazing Little America Sunday Brunch. We had a wonderful few days together! I love you baby, and cannot wait for the many years to come. Thank you for being so great!The pretty flowers Chase gave me, isn't he sweet?
And my cute new red high heels, i have been wanting red shoes for so long, and he suprised me with these!!
one year ago...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Holly's baby shower...

My sis-in-law Holly is havin a baby girl, and she is the stinkin cutest pregnant girl around.
We are so excited for her... we had a baby shower for her, its a little early,
but we wanted to have it before lauren left for connecticut.
Shar made this adorable onesie for Holly's baby...
And Laur made this darling diaper cake too...
After the shower, we decided to do a little waxing since Lauren brought her wax... thanks Laur.Nat & Lana...

laurens party

Royce & Laur are leavin us and headin for Connecticut. We had a little going away party for them a while ago (a little slow on the post)..but we are sure gonna miss you guys. Thanks for givin us a good excuse to head back east for a little visit. Here are just a few pics from the party.

Grandma Clo & George

cute little parks...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

to my daddy...

*look at how out-numbered my sweet dad is, but he has handled it so well. Thanks to him, we all know how to dribble a basketball pretty well, and we sure aren't afraid to get our hands dirty, or slosh through some cow crap, haha...disgusting, but very true. thanks dad!

I am so grateful to have such an amazing dad....who has taught me so many things in my life.
I feel so lucky to have a dad, who i can consider one of my best friends. He is so smart, and reasons with me so well. Thank you dad for teaching me all of lifes greatest lessons, for teaching me how to gain a testimony, for supporting me through all of lifes trials, and for showing me how to endure everything that life throws at you. Thank you for smiling everyday, even when it hurts so bad to do so...if you can withstand what your facing right now, it gives me hope and a desire to do the same. You are amazing, and i love you so much dad! Have a great fathers day.

Monday, June 2, 2008

right back atcha....

shar's bday is the day after mine, so we had so much fun celebrating together! After Chase had to go to work this afternoon, shar met me and we spent the afternoon together by shopping, chatting, going out to dinner, and just enjoy spending time together with just the girls!

Shar is so wonderful, and she is such a blessing in my life. I have loved living with her, and getting to know her better. She has become one of my greatest friends and i just love her. i learn new things for her everyday, she is such a great mother, wife, and friend. Its so fun to have someone to stay up late and talk with, go on runs with her, cook together, shop together, and all the other great things that we share together. I love her to death! Shar i hope that you have a great birthday!

sweetest girl ever!!

Its your birthday MISS LIS!! thanks for being so wonderful. seriously, you are such an example to me! being your twin has been the greatest thing ever! Thanks for being so sweet!I LOVE YOU LISSER!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bliss List

a few things that make my life blissful...

1. Getting my haircut, just for the sudsy scalp massage.
2. The melody of raindrops pelting on the window.
3. A closer than neccesary wisper.
4. The touch of the warm sun on my bare skin.
5. Crunching autumn leaves underfoot.
6. A long run that for some reason felt effortless.
7. Singing in the shower, car or anywhere.
8. A brand new pair of shoes.
9. Throwing things away.
10. Baking anything-and of course tasting the pre-oven version.
11. checking off the last thing on my to-do list.
12. A warm shirt, just out of the dryer.
13. The foot massage while getting a pedicure.
14. Cinnamon-sugar popcorn.
15. Cuddling with my sweet husband whenever i want.