Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 months

another month has come and gone. 
claire turns 6 months next week actually, so i'm about 2 months behind.
oh my dear claire, i love you so much.
you make me so happy

over the last two months claire, 
-started sucking her thumb. her left one.  its cute. but also a drag to think how i'm going to quit that habit in a year or two.
-started to giggle.
-likes solid foods, even though she hasn't had it too much. 
-loves her brother when he's looking or talking to her.
-hates her brother when he body slams, gets all up in her face & attacks her.
-adores her dad. always has the biggest smile for him when he gets home from work each day.
-can squeal SO EXTREMELY loud and high. its always awesome when she does so @ church.
-is still really chubby. totally adorable.
-started sitting up @ 4 months & is a pro at it now.
-rolls from her belly to back.
-likes to eat her toes.
-has moments of stubborness & drama. she is a girl.
 -is so much fun & getting such a cute personality.


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Sammy said...

beautiful pictures of both of you! It was so good to see you while we were in town, even if it was just for a moment! LOVE that sweet little claire she is so darling and love her squeal and her chub! we definitely need to find a time for the two, or three or four of you to fly out!